Seichim Reiki

Don't let the simplicity or brevity of the manual for this class deceive you. It is capable of generating a powerful love force. It was one of the most intense attunements I have had. It can unlock your heart and open you to love, amplify the energies of your heart, heal relationships, and root out issues buried in the body. I charge the same amount for this as I do Reiki.  Yes, this will relax you like Reiki, but this modality is more for people who want to dig in and do the work and experience release of toxins, negative energy, and resentment.  I have had people feel venom drawn out of their knees or black smoke coming out of their heads.  The energy seems to be qualitatively different from Reiki.  I  have had one client in comparing this to Reiki comment that Reiki is more "topical," while Seichim seems to sink in and penetrate the entire body.

This is basically a simplified form of Isis Seichim.  There are essentially only 9 symbols.  Three are different versions of Reiki symbols.  The other 6 are Seichim.  I think the symbols it does include are some of the more important from Isis Seichim.  

Price:  $40

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